Private admissions

You will be expected to undertake a minimum of two assessments, one by phone and one face to face, prior to being awarded a place. Where applicable, we will ask referrers, Social Workers or other professionals, to provide appropriate reports so that we can gain a full background to your situation and care needs.

The phone assessment is when we begin to build a relationship with you. We’ll ask for background information, and expect that you will want to ask us some questions too. This assessment gives us the first indication that you are looking to make important changes in your life and that you have the motivation that you’re going to need.

The face to face assessment is held at Westcliffe House. It takes about 2 hours and you will meet with one or two senior therapists. Their aim is to gather enough information to highlight your individual requirements and assess whether Westcliffe House is the best place for your treatment.  All this information will help staff to put together an appropriate care plan for you during your stay.

This assessment is also for you to get a first-hand experience of “being at Westcliffe”.  It gives you the opportunity to meet both staff and residents, to have an informal lunch with them, and to look around the facilities.

If you are travelling with a friend or member of your family to the assessment, they don’t need to stay at Westcliffe House while the assessment is being conducted.

Usually, at the end of the assessment, we will be able to let you know whether we will offer you a place. However, if we need more detail about your history, we might need more time to gather this. If this is the case, we’ll explain this to you during your assessment.

Once we have offered you a place, you will need to write to us to confirm your acceptance. We will then send you a contract, along with guidelines and other helpful details for your stay. You will be expected to pay one month in advance for your treatment – with the first payment being made upon admission.