Reunion at Westcliffe House

The week-end of 22-23nd November saw Westcliffe’s reunion. The annual ginger bread competition has commenced and other Christmas plans are afoot.

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Grand reunion

Pat Bulger and past clientsThe week-end of 22-23nd November saw Westcliffe’s reunion. Photographs covering the past fifteen years decorated the wall of the ground floor, with people laughing at the out-dated hairstyles and fashion sense; changes to the building and reflecting on past experiences. It was very moving – many tears  as people reflected their recovery journey.  For the staff it was wonderful that ex-clients had given up their personal time to travel from various parts of the country to attend. Some had fifteen years clean time, 12, 11(there were seven in this group who met up for the first time in all those years – going down to the current residents – some of whom are a few weeks out of detox. We started a comments book which will be kept as a momentum of that lovely occasion – the entries reflecting each clients journey in a very honest, and moving manner. Staff also wrote of their experiences and of the joy to be part of this emotional journey for clients – both past and present.

Ginger bread competition

Christmas ginger bread competitionThe race is on as clients have been placed in 4 teams with baking commencing this week!! Two of the cooks have set the standard high by making their own Ginger-bread house (in secret) to be un-veiled at the re-union. Their house is beautiful  as you can see from the photo and each team is now undertaking ‘research’ into the best method of decorating; going to the pick & mix to make appropriate choices for decoration (or this is what they are telling me – I’m not sure – think they just want to go and test the sweets!! Maybe the household staff will have to give them a talk about the risks of eating too much sugar!!  Soon the Team members will be announcing which charity they are going to receive  their Gingerbread Houses. Last year it was a Childrens Hospice, the Homeless @ Christmas; Care Home for the elderly and Weston hospice.

Christmas Activities

15th November sees the selection of the Christmas themes – wonder what we will be doing for breakfast – lunch and supper. Cant wait to find out.