Community Schemes

Westcliffe works in partnership with several local agencies/voluntary groups. One of the schemes involves working in the hilltop park, a garden overlooking the Severn Estuary called Prince Consort Gardens. Working in conjunction with Friends of Garden, the park has been awarded the Green flag for the past five years – a real credit to all who undertake voluntary work there.  In  2020 the Friends of the Garden raised over £10.000 to build a raised flower bed in the name of Westcliffe.

Westcliffe was responsible for the design, landscaping and upkeep of the bed with residents and Staff undertaking regular maintenance. Part of the programme whilst undertaking treatment is to undertake a City & Guilds Certificate in Horticulture through Bridgwater and Taunton College, another professional partner of Westcliffe.  Each week, the residents are taught horticulture by a tutor from the college and in May19 the Gardening Scheme was placed third in the National Beacon Award – a scheme which encourages reconnecting with Nature and re-integration into society through voluntary work.

The Coastal Garden was designed to reflect the park position overlooking the sea.  A member of the local sailing community gave us the gift of a boat – Minnie who has become a feature of the garden.  The completion was July 2020.

The coastal bed is now continues to thrive and receives positive feedback becoming a real feature of the park.  For the Queens Jubilee celebrations, the bunting was erected to ‘suggest’ that Minnie was rigged for sailing, drawing great interest from visitors.