Groups Reps

There are three stages to the therapeutic programme at Westcliffe.

  • ALPHA (first 7 weeks of the programme)
  • OMEGA (8-14 weeks)
  • PREP (15-20 weeks)

Each of these groups has a Rep who will undertake the role of Chairperson for their particular group. The position of the Rep will be held for two (no longer than three weeks) when their role will be taken by the Trainee. It is suggested that these positions relate to the time undertaken within the programme i.e. those who have been here longer undertake the role before someone who has just been admitted.

Mission statement

It is the aim of the three Groups and their Reps to accept individual and Group responsibility for building a democratic society within Westcliffe and contributing towards educational & social outcomes.

Role /Responsibilities of Rep

  1. To act as chairperson in all meetings of the Group and ensure that each individual has the opportunity to voice their view or opinion by carrying out the meetings in a democratic way. It is the duty for each Rep to represent the views of their Group rather than their personal opinion. Voting should determine the decision making process.
  2. At the beginning of each meeting, ask each group member what they wish to discuss in the meeting and adopt an Agenda. Where possible, allocate an agreed time-frame for the discussion.
  3. The Rep will be responsible for ensuring that they have a Trainee chair who will undertake the role after their period of office (two weeks) has been completed. The roles are then rotated within the Group to ensure that each individual has the experience of leading.
  4. It is recommended that meetings are held weekly as a minimum, usually outside of therapy times to discuss issues relating to individuals, the group, Household, social events etc
  5. Meetings may be called by the Rep and two other members with notice /agenda/purpose of meeting provided to all group members with a minimum of 1 days notice. In times of emergency, this can be shortened to three hours.
  6. Within the programme, there is a designated session for Alpha, Omega and Prep, facilitated by Therapists – this is not to be confused with the meetings called by clients.
  7. Reps can bring their ideas, concerns etc to Reps of other groups, to Staff and the Manager. The Manager will take the responsibility for calling a House meeting if required.

Role /Responsibility of Trainee Rep

  1. To accurately undertake the writing of minutes within the meetings and to offer these as a true reflection of the discussions.
  2. To undertake the role of Chairperson when there is absence or illness.
  3. To assume the role of chairperson once the 2 weeks of office has been complete