Case studies

B. had been an alcoholic for the past ten years, with her drinking becoming the priority for everyday life. As a consequence she had begun to neglect her children, her relationship had broken up and she was in danger of having the children removed on a permanent basis. During treatment she maintained sobriety; developed a greater understanding of herself and learnt positive coping strategies for her future. She now has her children with her and has been sober for over five years.

F. had used various drugs for a number of years as part of the social scene. He had gone to university but failed to complete because of his drug taking. Part of the focus for him was to ‘get and stay  clean’ and to continue with his education. Working at engaging in his therapy he began to identify his ‘trigger points’ for using and developed positive strategies for coping. A year after completion of treatment, he returned to university and gained his degree.

G. had been assessed  with borderline Mental Health issues which had added to the chaos of his addiction. Part of his treatment programme was to work with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and Art Psychotherapy in order to develop a greater understanding of himself in his relationship with others. On completion of treatment he became a volunteer for an addiction agency, is now employed by them and continues his sobriety after eight years.