Integrated therapeutic programme

Our rehabilitation programmes are based on the recognition that each client has individual needs and no single approach is right for all clients. At Westcliffe House we work on both addressing addiction and the underlying problems and situations which have contributed towards the individual’s alcohol/drug dependency. For example, this may include mental/physical abuse; loss and bereavement; difficult relationships; mental health problems; money issues; employment/un-employment.

Our treatment is based on an integrated therapeutic programme, where clients are supported within a safe environment.  It reflects the care needed by each individual and gives clients a wide choice.

Secondary addictions

We are able to offer treatment for people who have addictions which are secondary to their alcohol or drug addiction. This includes gambling, sex addiction, spending, co-dependency and eating disorders.

We view eating disorders as illnesses in which a problematic relationship with food has developed.  Other characteristics of those with an eating disorder may include impulsivity, negative body image, perfectionism and low self-esteem.
Mental health

We are able to offer treatment to some clients who have mental health issues, alongside an alcohol or drug addiction. Where this is the case we will offer a multi-disciplinary assessment to ensure that the appropriate partnerships are developed, which cover all aspects of the care required prior to offering a place. As in all cases, we wish the client to receive the best possible care according to their identified needs.