“I have the utmost respect for the manager; she is so approachable and listens to you, she can be tough but is always fair.”

“The therapists really know their thing and the support workers are really good. They know about asking how to help us when we are struggling with the programme.”

“They are brilliant; they know what buttons to press on how to get us to think for ourselves.”

“The therapists are brilliant, the programme is working well and I feel safe here.”

“I never thought I’d say it, but they have given me my life back. The therapists are brilliant.”

“I really like the idea of Sunday meetings with the manager. You know that you can talk openly and that she will take any ideas and suggestions back to the staff meeting.”

“We know there are going to be restrictions as that is the way these programmes run, but nothing is hidden or a surprise.”

“They explain everything on the first day, we agree the initial plan and sign that we have been informed about the restrictions and house rules.”

“They listen to what we have to say and treat us like individuals.”

“We looked at people’s care plans; we saw that a full in-depth assessment of the person’s needs was carried out before they moved into the home. We saw that once they moved in individual plans were put into place to address their specific needs. These included detailed risk assessments for relapse, violence and self harm, as well as a caution register for specific health problems.”

“I can’t fault it. I never knew a good day until I came here. They have been so supportive, they provide really good therapy sessions and someone is always around talk to. I have joined various groups and they are helping me to move forward.”

“I did 12 steps before but wanted the psychosocial approach. It is really working well. Therapists are brilliant and support workers always there. They have also helped me with my physical problems and diet.”

“I would like to say it is not okay, but it’s brilliant. I can’t say I want to be here but it is just working for me. I am so much more confident and a changed person.”